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This is the central location for AttoBASIC for the ATMEL AVR controllers and ARDUINO computers

Supports most ARDUINO, ADAFRUIT, OLIMEX and TEENSY(2.0) products.
The current version 2.34 supports the following ATMEL
micro-controllers [*New]:


Older versions support ATMEL AT90S2313, ATtiny2313(A), AT90S8515 & ATmega163 and are now included in the HEX file builds as is the full source code.

 Precision Frequency Reference
Data Recorder using
        AttoBASICAttoBASIC on TEENSY++ as a Z80 host controller
Versions of AttoBASIC run on several AVR controllers with 2K or more of Flash


AttoBASIC is a very small Basic interpreter for a very small chip. 
The interpreter uses on-chip RAM only.  Originally targeted and developed for limited debugging, monitor and control use on an ATMEL AT90S2313, it has expanded with the ATMEL line of AVR8 microcontrollers. 

AttoBASIC Version 2.0 and above incorporates many enhancements by Scott Vitale; including TWI (I2C®), SPI, DALLAS 1-wire® and DS serial interfaces, a high resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) function, a real-time counter, data file management, NORDIC nRF24L01(+), DHTxx Humidity and Temperature Sensor and support for UART and USB serial I/O.  Support for most ARDUNIO, ADAFRUIT, OLIMEX and many other products running a supported MCU is possible.  Various bootloaders are included with AttoBASIC.

The Latest Version:
Earlier Versions:
AttoBasic Home

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