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Technical Articles

Replacement_of_Power_Packs   by Puddledud

A Switching Power Supply Using The IC As Its Frame   by Puddledud

DVD_Remote_Control_Actuator_Identification   by Puddledud

Camera_Aids_Identification_of_Burned_Resistor  by Puddledud

Password Ridiculous; Linux Password Security Enhancement
  by Puddledud 

emachine_EM250_or_D250_with_Linux/emachine_EM250_or_D250_with_Linux  by Puddledud


Handyman / Home Care

Mixer_Tap_Cleaning  by Puddledud 

Messing With The Miele Dishwasher
    by Puddledud 


Lyrics to If I Had A Hamster (Parody)

Old Mother Hubbard -The original version

Previously Published

Cancellation of ELF/VLF Electric Fields From CRT Displays(PDF)  Richard Cappels

          CRT Spot Sharpening by Spot-Growth-Induced Microdeflection (PDF)  Richard Cappels

          General Interest
           Chromo-Stereoscopy Examples -its not really stereo or 3D but is looks as though it is. Richard Cappels

The last 15 Minutes of eWorld Chat Transcript of the last 15 minutes of chat on eWorld


        Photo Of A Long Escalator On A Rainy Day 

http://www.cappels.org  Main entry to cappels.org

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