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July, 2006

Pranthong Village notes by Dick Cappels
I stopped by Pranthong Village in Udon Thani in July, 2006, and talked the sales people then had a look around the project.
Since Pranthong does not have a web site I am making my notes available here for others to have a look at.

This picture pretty much takes in all of what has been built so far. Within this area are over 300 homes.
No other buildings were evident anywhere around the project.

Pranthong Village  is a housing development just outside the Southern end of the Ring Road in Udon Thani, very close to Maliwan Villa. The area is only lightly developed at this time. Although it seems to be way out in the country, Pranthong Village is about 5 minutes from Big C. You might easily spend that much time looking for a parking space on an Saturday afternoon. From my meeting with Maliwan of Maliwan Villa, this section of the Ring Road is only two lanes at the moment, but an expansion to a 4 lane "super highway" is planned in the coming months.

I met two sales ladies and the brother of one of them, he has an excellent command of spoken English. They explained that all of the homes were duplexes - two homes under one roof - and each pair was made of a large unit and a small unit. The larger unit covers about 86 square meters indoors, and the small section covers about 70 square meters of floor space. While the larger section has a little bit larger driveway and a little more space outside, and the small section really doesn't have room for much of an indoor kitchen, but there is a place for an outdoor Thai style kitchen, and both have a small living area, two bedrooms, and a single bathroom. The larger unit coes with 40 square meters of outdoor area, and the smaller unit comes with 20 square meters of outdoor area. You would not be installing a tennis court or swimming pool in these yards.

ADSL is nearby, though it is not clear whether it has yet been rut to the project. While there are over 300 homes in the project,  it is still very new and only a few homes appeared to be occupied as of this writing.

The price given to me is for a house without a kitchen, and are quite a bit lower than the prices in the brochure. The larger unit was offered at 620,000 baht and the smaller unit was offered at 520,000 baht. They did not mention any special "deals"on offer, so expect to pay several percent property transfer tax, some amount for a kitchen, curtains and furniture. Keep in mind that everything is negotiable.

Two sizes fits all
The buildings are all painted a cheerful yellow. Other than some minor differences, such as the position on the street, the only difference between the cheerful yellow homes is the size -large or small. This project is just down the street from Milawan Villa, and while it appears to feature similar style construction with similar quality, Pranthong Village and Milawan Villa are clearly focusing on different markets. Pranthong Village seems to be a good place for a small, inexpensive home where you can live in intimate proximity with your neighbors. Some people will find this small village to be very comfortable.


Prantong Village is just outside the Southern end of the ring road, about 3 or 4 minutes clockwise from Big C.  it is also pretty close to the airport, though no aircraft were noted, and in my visit to Milawan Villa, they said that this area is not in a take off or landing path. Things may change.

Contact information:

The sales office is open from 09:00 to 18:00 every day. You can call them at 042-345-222.

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