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June, 2006

Maliwan Villa notes by Dick Cappels
I stopped by Maliwan Villa in Udon Thani in June, 2006, talked with Maliwan, and had a look around the project.
Since Maliwan siad she does not have a web site, I thought I'd publish my notes here for others to have a look at.
I later found that there is already on web page dedicated to Miliawan Villa, and a link is given in the Contact information section below.
Neither this web site nor the author is not connected with nor is in any way represents Maliwan Villa.

A corner, just outside the Maliwan Villa sales office near the existing entrance to Maliwan Villa.
The thick cable strung between poles is the telephone/ADSL line. This house on the corner has the only parking garage
attached to a private residence that I have ever seem in this country. Notice that the same fellow on the motorbike appears in both photographs.
Click on either image to see a much larger version.

Maliwan Villa is a housing development just inside the Southern end of the Ring Road in Udon Thani. The area is only lightly developed at this time. A kilometer before reaching Maliwan Villa, I had the feeling that I was way out in the country, though it was only a couple kilometers past Big C. This light country atmosphere may change as the area is built up, though I was assured that this area has been designated by the government for residential use and residential friendly uses only. Across the ring road from the project is, if memory serves, is a lightly wooded land, whose owner is Jai Dee (is of good heart) and does not have immediate plans for development. This section of the Ring Road is only two lanes at the moment, but an expansion to a 4 lane "super highway", to use Noi's term, is planned in the coming months. There are only single family homes in this development.  The neighborhood currently has only one entrance, which is monitored by 24 hour security. There are plans to add two more entrances in the future, and these entrances will also be monitored by security personnel.

I met Maliwan, who goes by the nickname of Noi. A charming woman, Noi described herself as the owner, manager, and cleaning lady for the project. She showed me around a home that is under construction before taking me to the sales office to talk about her project.

The house I looked at is the concrete floor on pilings with brick wall and tile roof that is fairly common around here.  Since the house was finished, I could not tell much about the quality, but it looked fairly good and there were no outward signs of problems. It was noted that the land is graded so water flows to the street. That's normal, though not always done.

The smallest home is only 1 million Baht. A more spacious Bali style house of 250 square meters on 100 square wha of land is 2.4 million Baht. The price for land is 8,000 baht per square wha. These prices will change.

The homes in Maliwan Villa come complete with just about everything except a refrigerator and basic furniture. This effectively makes Maliwan Villa homes significantly less expensive to move into than homes from another builder with a similar price tag.

These are included in the purchase price: kitchen counter with stove, telephone and ADSL line installation, air conditioner (one, or maybe more -depends on what you can negotiate), curtains, water and electricity meter, reserve water tank and pump, grass, wall surrounding the property, all taxes and transfer fees. It seems other projects pay 50% of the taxes and transfer fees, so take this into account when comparing offerings.


Maliwan Villa is just inside the Southern end of the ring road, about 3 or 4 minutes clockwise from Big C. Noi said that it takes 5 minutes to get to the airport and 5 minutes to get downtown, and through its close to the airport, it is not under the take-off and landing patterns.

Contact information:
(Note, it has been announced that starting September, 2006, hand phone prefixes in Thailand will have an additional digit in the prefix).
Kuhn Noi (Maliwan)
Noi's hand phone (primary): (+66) 01-9744178
Message phone (secondary): (+66) 01-7172718

Maliwan Villa
Ring Road Markkaeng Maung Udon Thani

Miliwan Villa does have a web page on www.udonmap.comm and their maps are better looking than mine. Miliwan Villa  And this Milliawan Villa page has more deail.

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