A note about privacy.

Basically, you don't have any privacy on the internet.

    Companies that place advertisements and links on this site, as well as their agents may collect information about your computer and your visit. Similarly, my web host maintains records relating to your visit including, but probably not limited to what site referred your browser to this site and some characteristics of your computer.

    Advertisers or other third parties may also place or read "cookies" on your web browser or use "web beacons" to collect information in the course of ads being served on my web site. Most, if not all browsers will allow you to block cookies and to clear accumulated cookies, as well as choose options relating to suppressing pop-up windows. I encourage you to learn about the privacy and information facilities of the browsers you use.

    If you send email to me, unless you request that it be kept confidential, I will keep a copy of it and I may forward it for the purpose of discussing its contents with colleagues or friends. I may occasionally publish on this website, correspondence or other information that you send to me.


Dick Cappels

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Updated 12 September, 2008.