McKenzie Bacon Commercial, 1961

In 1961, Charles fuller, of Charles Fuller Productions, recorded this version of a poem about bacon. The poem was written by our dad, Joe Cappels as an advertisement for McKensie Bacon. I am not sure wether the poem was published as a radio commercial or a print advertisement.

Mr. Fuller recorded the poem as though it were a special performance on a radio show. Our dad got a great kick out of it. He identified the voice of "Sir Archibald Hensley" as that of Charles Fuller.

My brother Tom and I enjoyed playing this record over and over. The record survived into the 21st century, though it had picked up a few scratches over the decates, and was converted to an MP3 file in about 2001. You can listen to or download the commercial from the link below.

The start of the recording includes about 30 seconds of applause (which Tom and I thought was hilarious), this is not noise.

New York Central Hour Commercial (NY Central Hour 17 May, 1961.mp3, 2.3 MB)