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;********************************* ;2313 serial to Sekio Epson 1216 display panel interface program ;********************************* .include "2313def.inc" ;Driver for Seiko 1216 LCD display. 128 X 64, with separate drivers for left and right ;halves of the screen. See the specification and app. notes for Seiko G1216B1N000. ; Here is how the AT90S2313 is connected to the display: ;Port B is connected to the 8 bit data input/ouput on the display. ;Port D, bits 0 and 1 are not available as the corresponding pins are used for the UART. ; these bits should be written as zero. ;Port D, bit 2 is connected to the R/W input on the display. This is ; more of a data direction and mode pin. ; Actual writes are clocked by the Enable pin. ;Port D, bit 3 is conntected to the D/I (Data/Instruction) pin on the display. ; Low signifies insturction on the data port. ;Port D, bit 4 is connected to the enable input on the display. Instructions and ; data are clocked into the display on the negative edge. ;Port D, bit 5 is to the RESET input on the display. Low resets the display. ;Port D, bit 6 is connected to CS1 on the dispaly and to the input of an inverter, ; the output of which, drives CS2. It is therefore a right side/left side ; select signal. Low for left side, high for right side. ;I/O Pin assignment .equ Enable =$04 ;Display control codes .equ instructionleft = $30 .equ instructionright = $70 .equ writedataleft = $38 ;.equ writedataright = $78 ;.equ readstatusleft = $34 ;.equ readstatusright = $74 ;Displays Instructions .equ displayon = $3F ;.equ displayoff = $3E .equ XtoZero = $B8 .equ YtoZero = $40 .equ Slinetozero = $C0 ;Flag bit assignments for reigster YH ;YH bit 0 if = 1 then in bindary mode for serial data, if 0, ASCII-HEX mode ;YH bit 1 if = 1 then adds dot without erasing 8 bits in column (read-modify-write; slow) ;UART clock parameters .equ clock = 4000000 ;clock frequency .equ baudrate = 19200 ;choose a baudrate .equ baudconstant = (clock/(16*baudrate))-1 ;Register Assignments .def temp = r16 .def xtarget = r17 .def ytarget = r18 .def dispdata = r19 .def temp2 = r20 .def delayreg = r23 .def delay2 = r24 ;.def inchar = r25 ;.def outchar = r26 .org $00 rjmp reset ;Reset handle reset: rjmp init ;Start init. init: ldi temp,ramend ;low(ramend) out spl,temp ;Set the stack pointer ldi temp,baudconstant out ubrr,temp ;Load UART bard rate sbi ucr,txen ;enable UART xmit sbi ucr,rxen ;Enable UART receiver ldi YH,$00 ;Clear all flags rcall waitlongtime ;Allow dispay to come on. ldi temp,$FF ;Issue reset. rcall odd ldi temp,$00 rcall opd ldi temp,instructionleft ;Address left half of display rcall opd ldi temp,$FF rcall odb ldi temp,displayon ;Turn left display half on. rcall opb rcall strobeE ldi temp,SlinetoZero ;Set left start line to zero. rcall opb rcall shortdelay rcall strobeE ldi temp,instructionright ;Address right half of display. rcall opd ldi temp,$FF rcall odb ldi temp,displayon ;Turn right half on. rcall opb rcall strobeE ldi temp,SlinetoZero ;Set rightstart lien to zero. rcall opb rcall shortdelay rcall strobeE rcall erasedisplay ;Fill display with zeros (clear screen). ldi xtarget,$00 ;Draw A "V" on the screen. uses each row and each column. ldi ytarget,$00 moredots: rcall WriteDotAtXY inc xtarget inc ytarget cpi xtarget,63 brne moredots moredotsT: rcall WriteDotAtXY dec xtarget inc ytarget cpi xtarget,$FF brne moredotsT defaultloop: ;*****Default loop**** ;Until a command is received, which is distinguished by the MSb (bit 7) ;being set hight, receive x value, then y value, then write a dot there, ;notify when the dot write is complete, and get another. When a command ;is received, to interpret it. ;Message format: ;bit 7: 1 if command. ;bit 6: msb of y address, or zero if x address ;bits 5 hrough 0 remaining bits of address ;Host should send x, then y, then wait for completion notification. ;IN THIS ROUTINE, THE AXES ARE CORRECTED. X IS THE HORIZONAL AXIS (VALUE 0..127) ;AND Y IS THE VERTICAL AXIS (VALUE 0..63). ;SENSE IS CORRECTED ALSO. O,O IS LEFT,BOTTOM rcall GetASCIIorBinary ;Get char and put into xtarget. mov temp2,temp andi temp2,$80 brne ItsaCommand andi temp,$7F mov ytarget,temp rcall GetASCIIorBinary ;Get char and put into ytarget. mov temp2,temp andi temp2,$80 brne ItsaCommand andi temp,$3F ldi temp2,$3F sub temp2,temp mov xtarget,temp2 ; mov xtarget,temp rcall WriteDotAtXY ;Write dot. ldi temp,$2A ;Notify write is complete. rcall emitchar rjmp defaultloop GetASCIIorBinary: ;Get byte value from host to temp. If YH bit 0 is set, gets binary ;from host. If YH bit 0 is set, then gets ASCII-HEX from host. rcall recvchar sbrc YH,0 ret ;Binary mode - return after first byte cpi temp,$30 brmi GetASCIIorBinary;If comma, ignore and use next char instead mov temp2,temp ;Get second char and make binary. No error checking. rcall recvchar ;If comma, out of sync - start receiving byte over cpi temp,$30 brmi GetASCIIorBinary sbrc temp2,6 ;convert high byte subi temp2,$f7 ;if bit 6 is set, add $09 andi temp2,$0F sbrc temp,6 ;convert low byte subi temp,$f7 ;if bit 6 is set, add $09 andi temp,$0F lsl temp2 ;combine them lsl temp2 lsl temp2 lsl temp2 or temp,temp2 ret ;convert ascii in inbyteh,inbytel to byte in inbytel ItsaCommand: cpi temp,$80 ;Command $80 erase display and reset breq ClearAndReset cpi temp,$81 ;Command $81 switch to ASCII mode breq SwitchToAscii cpi temp,$82 ;Command $82 switch to binary mode breq SwitchToBinary cpi temp,$83 ;Command $83 restart controller brne drs1 rjmp init drs1: ; cpi $84 ; breq ????? ldi temp,$21 ;Else, Nack command and reset rcall emitchar ;Exclaimation mark is printable Nack rjmp defaultloop SwitchToAscii: andi YH,$FE rjmp defaultloop SwitchtoBinary: ori YH,$01 rjmp defaultloop ClearAndReset: ;Clear display and reset default interperetation loop (can be used to sycn) rcall erasedisplay rjmp AckAndReset AckAndReset: ldi temp,$2A ;Send asterisk, which is printable ack rcall emitchar ;and go back to start of default loop. rjmp defaultloop erasedisplay: ldi dispdata,$00 ldi xtarget,$00 anotherx: ldi ytarget,$00 anothery: rcall WriteByteAtXY inc ytarget cpi ytarget,128 brne anothery inc xtarget cpi xtarget,8 brne anotherx ret WriteDotAtXY: ;Write a dot at X Y location ;(0=<X=<63, 0=<Y=<127. ;Enter with X in xtarget and ;Y in ytarget (nothing to do with Y but pass it along. push xtarget ;Save xtarget on stack for later push ytarget andi xtarget,$3F andi ytarget,$7F mov temp,xtarget ;Make display data from 3 lsb of xtarget andi temp,$07 rcall bitpositiontoormask mov dispdata,temp ;Make X page address from xtarget. Put in xtarget. lsr xtarget lsr xtarget lsr xtarget andi xtarget,$07 rcall WriteByteAtXY pop ytarget pop xtarget ret WriteByteAtXY: ;Write 8 bits at X and Y locaton per data sheet sbi portd,2 ;Put R/W on display in Read to ldi temp,instructionleft ;prevent ghost right write in column 1. mov temp2,ytarget andi temp2,$40 breq notrights ldi temp,instructionright notrights: rcall opd mov temp,xtarget ldi temp2,XtoZero add temp,temp2 rcall opb rcall strobeE mov temp,ytarget andi temp,$3F ldi temp2,YtoZero add temp,temp2 rcall opb rcall strobeE notright: sbi portd,3 ;Make this a data write. rcall shortdelay mov temp,dispdata rcall opb rcall strobeE ldi temp,$00 ;Prevent glitching starting line register rcall opb ret odd: out ddrd,temp ret opd: out portd,temp rcall shortdelay ret odb: out ddrb,temp ret opb: out portb,temp ; rcall shortdelay ret strobeE: ; rcall shortdelay cbi portd,4 rcall shortdelay sbi portd,4 ret bitpositiontoormask: ;Convert bit position (0..7) to OR mask value ;Enter with bit position in temp, Exit with ;mask in temp ldi temp2,$07 cp temp2,temp brmi error ldi temp2,$01 ;Put 0000 0001 pattern into temp for shifting rotatesomemore: cpi temp,$00 breq finishedshifting lsl temp2 dec temp rjmp rotatesomemore finishedshifting: mov temp,temp2 ret error: ;Report error - for now, just return. ldi temp,$21 ;Else, Nack command and reset rcall emitchar ;Exclaimation mark is printable Nack ret emitchar: ;Send byte in temp to terminal sbis usr,udre ;wait until the register is cleared rjmp emitchar out udr,temp ;send the byte ret ;go back recvchar: ;Receive a byte from the terminal and put into temp sbis usr,rxc ;Wait for byte to be received rjmp recvchar in temp,udr ;Read byte ret shortdelay: ldi delayreg,$04 delaymore: dec delayreg brne delaymore ret longdelay: ldi delayreg,$00 ldi delay2,$00 delaymore2: dec delayreg brne delaymore2 dec delay2 brne delaymore2 ret waitlongtime: rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay rcall longdelay ret ;http://projects.cappels.org/ ;HOME