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Lazy ISP Socket Adapter

The Lazy Adapter is composed of a 20 pin DIP socket, a 20 pin DIP header, and 6 pin ISP header, and a small phenolic circuit board to hold them all together. The green fiberglass PCB is a Dontronics DT104 SIMSTIC(This plug is in return for a favor.)

This is an accessory for ISP programmers. One example of an ARV ISP programmer is the AVR910 Programmer, which you can learn about by clicking on this link.

I am tired of wiring up ISP sockets for every little breadboard I build, so I built this little adapter. It plugs into a  20 pin IC socket for an AVR on a breadboard. On the adapter is the 6 pin ISP header in the same configuration used on the STK-500. Besides saving me time, it also means I don't have to make room on the prototype for the ISP header. I've also made an 8 pin version for the ATTiny12.

The writing is simple: pins on the 20 pin socket are soldered to the corresponding pins on the 20 pin header.  The six pins of the ISP header, as identified in the AVR910 application note from Atmel, are wired to the corresponding pins on the 20 pin socket, as identified by the AT90S2313 datasheet.

Below is a wiring diagram showing the adapter for the 20 pin AVR processors.

  Wiring for the 20 pin adapter. The wiring for the 8 pin
adapter is similar, though the pin numbers are different.

I have also made 8 and 28 pin adapters. I couldn't find a 28 pin header, so I made one with two 14 pin headers.


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