Welcome to Black Cats

Black Cats is a band of youthful artists who delight in expressing
themselves through their informal mix of original extemporaneous musical pieces.

TWO NEW SONGS, TITLED It's Not Cool and That's it.
Watch for them at your favorite record stores and iTunes.

 Lead Singer_____________Hailey
      Backup Singer__________Brooklyn

Interesting fact: Brooklyn and Chloe painted their nails in Anthony's bedroom and got sparkles all over the floor.

Another interesting fact: Once, Anthony and Hailey saw a time traveling UFO at night. There was a green light like it was moving through time. Anthony saw Neptune aligned with the Moon, which might be proof that it was a UFO because they looked it up on the computer and Neptune is never supposed to be aligned with the moon.

Interview with Anthony.

Question: How did you guys decide what to name the band?

Anthony: We met one night after Girl Scouts (Anthony was not a Girl Scout). One night me, Hailey, Chloe, and Brooklyn were sleeping over and a cat was meowing.

Read more about your favorite members of your favorite band, Black Cats below.

Hailey (Lead Singer)

Hailey likes to do gymnastics, cheers, exercise, be active, and watch TV. Her best subject in school is math. Her favorite color is Black.

Brooklyn (Backup Singer)

Brooklyn likes to play with Bratz, and goes to Vicki's house a lot. She loves cheering, watching fireworks, playing games, and yelling. In school, her best subject is art and her career goal is to be a singer. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Anthony (Recorder)

Anthony loves sports - football, basketball and soccer in particular. His favorite soccer team is Italy. Anthony likes to ride his bike, play video games, work on his computer, and relax at home. His career goal is to be an artist, or if that doesn't work out a chef, or a doctor. His best subject in school is all of them. He consistently gets A's and B's in all of his subjects. His favorite color is Aquamarine, his birthstone.

Chloe (Manager)

Chloe Likes to play with cats, bug her sister, and practice band. Her best subject in school is math. Her favorite color is pink.

* Disclaimer: Black Cats does not include any actual cats.  They are all people!
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Black Cats have broken up thier band in the last few months. 
This band remains friends until Brooklyn, and Anthony move to Gilbert.  Well that's what we've been told latley.  These  two aren't that happy about  the move they have many other friends in the neighborhood. 

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